Bone Pursuit What's Your Pursuit?

We decided to start Bone Pursuit because of the passion we have for the outdoors. When we hunt, fish, or look for shed horns we hope for the end result to be something we have always dreamed about. But the pursuit is what keeps us motivated. Spending time with family and friends out scouting, sitting around a fire at hunting camp, listening to stories of seasons past is what it is all about. Watching a friend work so hard to kill a nice buck or your little boy struggling to keep up and finding his first shed horn, or listening to a bull elk bugle and trying to figure out his next move is what motivates us. The smell of dew in the mountains or sagebrush in the desert is why we love what we do. That is what makes us come back year after year to try and harvest that trophy or search the hills for that monster shed horn. The PURSUIT is what it is all about.